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The scenario...

A month ago, your advertising agency finished putting up the web site for your company. They worked on it for a long, long time. Of course, your site is beautiful because, as your agency told you, they were the only ones able to successfully integrate your print media with the web. Your site cost a fortune to build and your boss has been asking when the site will start generating a return on the investment. No one to date outside of your company has called or e-mailed you regarding your site. The only feedback you are getting is from your ad agency about when you are going to pay their bill.

Now it gets fun. You want to change some pages on your site, maybe even add one or two, or make some changes to the text. Your boss wants to know how much it will cost before you tell the agency to go ahead. You call the agency and they tell you that they will charge $100 or more an hour to make the changes and that they aren't sure how long it will take.

What do you do? Call 816-363-4783 and ask us to maintain your site for you. We charge $75 an hour for alterations and often times for small changes we do them while we are on the phone with you........at no charge.

Call or e-mail us with your questions.


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