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Been shopping on the web? You've probably noticed how many shopping sites look the same and you may have experienced some difficulty ordering or finding just the right product you want once you find a site you like. Many e-commerce sites suffer from what we call "dynamic data overload." These site are generated into some sort of template offered by whatever shopping cart software the client, often times the ISP is providing. Many times service providers or web development companies offer "custom" software. This usually results in some very impressive investment on the part of the client. Do you want e-commerce and a custom look for your site at the same time without the cost of custom programming? We can do it!

WDA offers its e-commerce clients Open Market's ShopSite Pro as a possible solution to their e-commerce needs. You're e-commerce software is included in your monthly investment for hosting.

Browse through one of our e-commerce sites, Fitness First, to see just how attractive this solution can be.


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